Unbroken Hearts

Author: Anna Murray
Publisher: Murray
Publication Date: 2008-03-28
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Unbroken Hearts

Orphaned on the trail and deceived by an outlaw sheriff, Sarah Anders is on the verge of a career as a soiled dove at Lola’s brothel. She desperately grabs at her only chance for honest work — at the Mineral Creek Ranch, owned by handsome Cal Easton. While working as a nurse to Cal’s mother, a stroke victim, she learns that Cal is a man haunted by the past and cursed by a deadly enemy bent on destroying his family and his successful ranch operation. Sarah also hides a secret past, which Cal must uncover and reconcile before they are free to love.

This book contains romantic sex, old west adventure, and raw cowboy humor.

324 pages; First book in the Easton Hearts Series

Excerpt copyright 2008

Roy eased the wagon slowly down the hill; he’d catch hell from Cal if he made “a damn thundering entrance” into town.

Through the dust of Main Street the men caught sight of a young woman on a white pony. Ned Kingman, Lola’s hired man, was standing with his head bowed alongside her. A small group of men crushed in on the pair.

“Must be a new gal at Lola’s,” Roy drawled. “She’s on the white — means she’s had, ah, no more than five men.” He rolled his eyes and chuckled.

Cal didn’t reply. He tipped his hat back, and leaned forward in the seat. Lola always introduced the new gals by strolling them down the street on a pony, always led by Ned.

“Saints be praised,” muttered Roy, “we didn’t smell this one two miles out.”

“Hell Roy, they got to advertise somehow –”

Cal didn’t finish his thought. The physical world had suddenly faded. His dark eyes were filled with a pretty young woman in pink, seemingly oblivious to the bustle around her. Sadness touched at the corners of her mouth, in the place where her lips curved into the soft skin of her cheeks . . .

His heart beating wildly in his ears, Cal stared. When she coyly looked up and acknowledged his presence, it felt like springtime rumbling over a long, lonely winter. Why was such beauty destined for Lola’s?

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