Physics with MasteringPhysics (4th Edition)

Author: James S. Walker
Publisher: Addison Wesley
Publication Date: 2009-01-21
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Physics with MasteringPhysics (4th Edition)

Walkers goal is to help readers make the connection between a conceptual understanding of physics and the various skills necessary to solve quantitative problems.The pedagogy and approachare based onover 20 years of teaching and reflect the results of physics education research. Already one of the best-sellingbooks in algebra-based physics,The Fourth Edition strengthens both the conceptual foundations and the tools for problem solving to make the book even better suited to today’s readers. Introduction to Physicsm, One-Dimensional Kinematics, Vectors in Physics,Two-Dimensional Kinematics, Newtons Laws of Motion, Applications of Newtons Laws,Work and Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy and Conservation of Energy,Linear Momentum and Collisions,Rotational Kinematics and Energy,Rotational Dynamics and Static Equilibrium,Gravity,Oscillations About Equilibrium,Waves and Sound,Fluids, Temperature and Heat, Phases and Phase Changes,The Laws of Thermodynamics,Electric Charges, Forces, and Fields,Electric Potential and Electric Potential Energy,Electric Current and Direct-Current Circuits,Magnetism,Magnetic Flux and Faradays Law of Induction,Alternating-Current Circuits,Electromagnetic Waves, Geometrical Optics, Optical Instruments, Physical Optics: Interference and Diffraction, Relativity, Quantum Physics, Atomic Physics, Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Radiation . Intended for those interested in learning the basics of algebra-based physics

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