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Compare and contrast two version of the same story worksheet

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We will also watch the movie version to ... The students fill out a worksheet as they ... Two paragraphs. Journal #6 Compare and Contrast Annes parents and Peters ...
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You must compare and contrast these two characters in a ... Evidence Worksheet _____ Template Outline _____ TWO copies of Rough ... Use the same exact phrases ...

Animal Farm TG
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Compare/contrast the poem Comrade Napoleon to ... No two lines are the same. it is an ironic parody of Napoleon ... Watch the movie version of Animal Farm. How ...

KSD Technology-Integrated Unit Plan
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... to UBD worksheet 5.5 and/or 6.3) How and why are cultural versions of Cinderella the same and ... Map Compare and Contrast original Cinderella story to a cultural version 20 ...

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... book of the same title by Louis Sachar. Use this worksheet to compare and contrast the book and the movie. First, jot down ideas about how the two versions of the story

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Compare/ contrast. Make folk tale kits. Gather items ... rats, and a lizard are used in this version. How is this story ... the number of versions we find of the same story.

The Sleeping Beauty - Contents
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the same story. Why do you think that the ballet version of The ... Arts: Compare and Contrast (Grades 1-8) Worksheet Included ... Compare and contrast the two stories from ...

Compare and Contrast
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Plot Compare and Contrast The classic story of Cinderella: A beautiful ... story of Cinderella. Compare: Show what is the same about two or more things. Contrast: Show ...

Romeo Juliet
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... and the history of the Romeo Juliet story. I.R.P ... offenses in the play and how we have the same ... 1) Writing a compare and contrast essay on two types of love, and cite

Teachers Guide Grades 1-8
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... the two versions of the same story. Why do you think that the ballet version ... Compare and Contrast (Grades 1-8) Worksheet Included Compare Charles Perraults version of ...

Inherit the Wind
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used by his school, the same text used by ... especially the Golden Dancer story) 3. Drummond and Brady are very different lawyers. Compare and Contrast the two men ...

Comp are/Contrast - Recognize and describe similarities and ...
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version of Little Red ... Compare and contrast two characters in the same book using a ... to compare two different stories with the same theme to compare a short story and ...

A Christmas Carol
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media presentations of the same story. 11 ... Students will compare and contrast family life in various ... Scene Two Late that Same Evening Ghost chorus: Owwooooh!

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Students will compare/contrast Churchills use ... reverse side of the One Pager worksheet. VII. Assessment: Students will write two ... In the same frame, provide your ...

Unit Plan - POE.doc
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... by him, and watch a movie version of another short story of his. They will compare and contrast the two ... Tale Heart with the same ... worksheet, Venn Diagram Worksheet ...

for Tuck Everlasting
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the same time have the ring of truth. THE ... to the bottom of this story? Write at least two questions you ... Making Connections Compare and contrast Ponce de Len with ...

The Diary of Anne Frank Study Questions
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Compare and contrast Annes relationship with her mother to ... Do you think that parents expect the same things ... Explain: For the past two years we have lived ...

Lesson Plan for the Unit
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... worksheet that has illustrations that are telling a story but ... the story the teacher and the students will create a compare and contrast chart between the two ... What version ...

King Arthur and his Knights
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The students will compare and contrast two different version of the story, The ... to the elements of the story that are the same, as ... allow them to complete the worksheet ...

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Take an entire story (or part of it and write a version as someone else ... narration) that tells the same story as the ... Compare/contrast two characters form the book.