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Heat of fusion of ice lab report

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10 Name Section Date INTRODUCTION TO CALORIMETRY Report Sheet (page 3) Calculations Heat loss ...

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A: Heat of Fusion Ice Cream Lab O: Calculations with Raoults law ... more independent in-depth scientific investigations and to report on ...

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Chem 110 P Ice and Hot Water Lab Report Philip Hunter & JS Hunter Mr. Hunter Sample Lab Report

Lab #10 Thermal Physics
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1 Lab #10 Thermal Physics Purpose: To determine the specific heat of metal samples, and to determine the heat of fusion for ice. Equipment: Calorimeter Triple beam balance ...

Chemistry CP Name: Lab: Heat of Fusion of Ice
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Chemistry CP Name: Lab: Heat of Fusion of Ice Date: According to the kinetic-molecular theory, all molecules are in constant random motion. If energy is absorbed by a ...

Physics 211 Lab 1
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When you get back to your lab bench, dry off the ice as much as possible with the ... in temperature of each ice cube, calculate the latent heat of fusion of each ice ...

Heat of Fusion
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75 Heat of Fusion Object: Determine the latent heat of fusion for water by the method of mixtures. Apparatus: Calorimeter with stirrer, weighing scales, 50 o C ...

Lab 1: Heat of fusion of ice
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Chemistry 150 Please have the following pages ready before class on Wednesday, January 10. Write an abstract and paper-clip it to the front of your individual writeup.

Heat of Fusion
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Heat of Fusion . And . Other ... to convert 1 gram of ice into 1 gram of liquid water. This quantity is known as the heat of fusion. ... will be expected to report ...

Heat of Fusion
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April 15, 2009 Heat of Fusion of Ice (Introduction to the LabPro System) The purpose of this lab is twofold: 1) introduce you to the LabPro system for data collection and 2 ...

Enthalpy of Fusion of Ice
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... you begin, save this Lab Report Template on your computer as LastNameAPChem13a Title: Enthalpy of Fusion of Ice ... heat of fusion of ice (cal/g)-k/f : percent ...

Experiment 4: Latent Heat of Fusion of Ice
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smaller. Since our experimental L f is already smaller than the accepted L f, then the new L f is also smaller than then accepted L f. Given the following equation: exp () () % | | () ...

Cp Chemistry Planned Course of Studies
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Labs: Stearic Acid, Heat of Fusion of Ice* Unit 10: Behavior and Chemistry ... Labs: Cabbage Juice Acid-Base Indicator * Final Lab Practical (Written Lab Report)

Specific Heats and Latent Heat
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Lab Procedure for Specific Heats and Latent Heat Specific Heat of Solid Materials 1. Weigh the solid materials provided. This is the procedure to get Mm on the data sheet.

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LAB 4: HEAT OF FUSION. Learning Objectives. 1 ... of the ice times the heat of fusion of ice ... sections of your lab report. 23. In the Discussion section of your lab report ...

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HEATING CURVE of WATER prepared by Helen L. Kennedy, Ph.D. Hana Enterprises OBJECTIVES To monitor time and temperature of an ice water bath as it is slowly raised to a boil.

Latent Heat of Fusion
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19c Latent Heat of Fusion - 1 - Latent Heat of Fusion Introduction The purpose of this lab is to determine the Latent Heat of Fusion of ice. In this experiment the heat of ...

Ascension Parish Comprehensive Curriculum
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Activity 38: Heat of Fusion of Ice. GQ 36. SI 5, 15; PS 30 *Activity ... Molar Heat of Fusion; Specific Heat; Assessment Ideas: Lab Report; Quizzes

Lab 1 - Measuring Density
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Measuring Density . Background All matter has mass and volume. Mass is a measure of the amount of matter an object has. Its measure is usually given in grams ...

Preparation and Analysis of Tetraamminecopper(II) sulfate monohydrate
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Ice bath (crushed ice in a 250 L beaker with water ... the beaker with your solution gently on low/medium heat ... Lab report: Include EVERYTHING: title, purpose ...

Heating and Cooling Curves
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watch or clock with seconds ice Lab Pro and computer ... graph so it is appropriate to hand in a lab report. ... Extra Credit: How is the heat of fusion related to the ...

L5 -Specific Heat Spr2010
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10-1 Physics 11424 Lab 5 SPECIFIC HEAT AND LATENT HEAT OF FUSION Introduction: Heat, Q , is thermal energy transferred ...

Latent Heat of Fusion
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Activity 33 PS-2826 Physics with the Xplorer GLX 2006 PASCO p. 235 Latent Heat of Fusion Thermodynamics: phase change, latent heat of fusion, melting Qty Equipment and ...

Lab Activity
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In this lab you will try to determine the latent heat of fusion and vaporization for water. ... 6) Using your experimental value for the heat of fusion of ice ...

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EXPERIMENT #6: THERMOCHEMISTRY INTRODUCTION Overview Thermodynamics is the study of the energy changes that accompany chemical and physical transformations.

TAP608-0: Latent heat
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The other is a control that is set up at the front of the lab. Do not switch ... This is the specific latent heat of fusion of ice. The amount of heat needed to change 1 kg of ...

Thermochemistry Report Sheet
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This report sheet is due at the beginning of your lab period 3/25 or 3/27. ... temperature of ice to water, heat is gained to change phases--- Heat of fusion= 333.55 J ...

Lab #1 The Milk Lab
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Lab #5 Heat of Fusion of Ice. Introduction. When a chemical or physical change ... and a lab apron or coat when working in the lab. Handle acid with extreme caution. Report all ...