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Main idea worksheets for 4th grade worksheets

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All of the following are three main reasons why an author writes a story, EXCEPT to a. inform. b. persuade. c. entertain. d. to make sure the reader enjoys what he or she ...

2nd grade imaginative writing prompts
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2 nd grade imaginative writing prompts. Ideas for February June. I just put the scarf around my snowmans neck when.... All the valentines were passed out and the ...

Fourth Grade
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4th Grade Reading Unit Notes. These units come straight from your basal. I added some ... Main idea. GLEs: 14a,f Act: Generalization. GLEs: 32 Act: Develop subjects and predicates

New Caney ISD 2009-2010 4th Grade English Language Arts Reading ...
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Microsoft Word - 4th Grade ELAR 2009-2010 Blueprint Website Version.doc

Stone Fox: A 4th Grade Literacy Focus Unit Created by Jenny Stiffler
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Stone Fox: A 4 th Grade Literacy Focus Unit Created by Jenny Stiffler FEATURED SELECTION Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner. New York: Scholastic Inc, 1980.

LESSON TWO: Using text features
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... will choose a text feature from a provided passage and explain how information presented in that clarifies or connects to the main idea in the text itself. GRADE ...

CTC ENGL 1302 (Spring 2011) Beach
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CENTRAL TEXAS COLLEGE ENGL 1302 : COMPOSITION II 1 Instructor: Josh M. Beach Tuesdays: in-class Office Hours: by appointment only 12-12:20; 3-4:20; 6-7:20 Email ...

4th Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets | Fourth Grade - Week 14
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Copyright 2011 K12Reader - What Glaciers Leave Behind Cross-Curricular Focus: Earth Science Name: _____ Glaciers ...

5th Grade Guidelines Worksheet
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Target Assessment: 5th Grade . Testing Guidelines ... 4th Qtr: 2006: 2007: 2008: WRITING: Narr. Desc. Exp: Per: Poet ... Summarize information including main idea and ...

Course/Grade Level _____
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Course/Grade Level- Reading and Spelling ... Teacher generated worksheets for review of topic, main idea, supporting details ... 4th Quarter : March: April: May : Author ...

Grade Four
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Revised July 13, 2006 Grade Four In the fourth grade, students expand and deepen their knowledge of reading, writing, and speaking, as well as their understanding of ...

Comprehension Vocabulary: Grades 3-5
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Contents: Page Introduction ..... 2 Case Study Level A, Case 1 ..... 3 Case Study Level ...

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Kratzer/Teplin, Educational Services, SMMUSD, 2005 HOUGHTON MIFFLIN READING GRADE 4, THEMES 1-6, ORGANIZED BY READING STRATEGY AND SOS THEME Reading Strategy Main ...

Identifying Sentence Fragments
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DIRECTIONS Determine which of the following word groups are sentence. D IRECTIONS Determine which of the following word groups are sentence fragments and which are ...

First Grade
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Fourth Grade Scott Foresman Reading Street Unit 1 ... Clues Word Structure Sequence Authors Purpose Sequence Authors Purpose Main Idea ...

Lesson Plan Title: Classifying the Main Idea
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Lesson Plan Title: Classifying the Main Idea . 1. a. Time frame: 60-90 minutes b. Grade level(s)/Educational Setting: Middle to High School: Self-contained ...

Support and Elaboration
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Support and Elaboration-Group A . Elaborate on each of these examples by giving specific examples and details that develop the main idea of the paragraph.

Grade 4 Lesson 3-10: Multiplication and Division Stories
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Grade 4 Lesson 3-10: Multiplication and Division Stories Everything you need to review and teach a Grade 4 lesson. Print Teachers Edition pages, Student Edition ...

Summarizing, Paraphrasing, and Retelling
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Heinemann A division of Reed Elsevier Inc. 361 Hanover Street Portsmouth, NH 03801-3912 Offices and agents throughout the world 2006 by Emily ...

4th Grade Courses
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Language Arts 4 Course Outline Instructor : Jan Mello School: Old Mission School Phone: 543-6019 X420 E-mail: Course Summary: Students have the ...

Reading Curriculum Guide
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... 384 Lists common contractions; TE pp. 351-354. 450 Student worksheets ... or summarize a statement or sentence indicating the main idea of a selection. GRADE 5 ...

Strategies for using ICT in your classroom
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Strategies for using ICT in your classroom Below are some links to helpful sites press control to get the hand hover and click on the site your want.

Where The Wild Things Are
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Patricia Glennon Penny Paschal Analyzing Schools 5/5/03 Where the Wild Things Are Kindergarten Curriculum: Literacy and Writing Content Our curriculum has been ...

Instructions for Individual Writing Folders
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Decide on a main idea sentence for the circled events, such as On ... CENTRAL IDEA GRAPH. Third Grade Writing Process Rubric. Student Name

Main Idea Assessment
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Authors Purpose Assessment. Grade 4 . 3 : Read this passage from La Bamba by Gary Soto. Manuel was the fourth of ...

FCAT Writing Prompts
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MAIN IDEA: Narrative: Everyone has been alone at one time or another. ... Some students begin thinking about dropping out of school after eighth grade.