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Stretch and shrink and quadratics

Midterm Review Sheet for Algebra 2 (9-10) using CPM chapters 1-6
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Stretch/Shrink Vertically. Shift Horizontally and Vertically. Quadratics: Graphing form, Standard Form. Transforming a general function f(x), (h,k) Transforming a general graph ...

NCTM Standards Doc
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... should develop visualization skills through hands-on experiences with a variety of geometric objects and through the use of technology that allows them to turn, shrink ...

Analyzing Graphs of Quadratic Functions
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As we saw in Section 1.7, the constant a serves to stretch or shrink the graph vertically. As a parabola is stretched vertically, it becomes narrower, and as it is shrunk ...

Quadratic Functions
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In this case, we are vertically stretching y = x 2 by a factor of 3 (Vertical Stretch Rule) and then shifting to the right 4 and up 1 (Function Shift Rules for Shifting ...

Transformations of Functions
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: Shape: parabola . Horizontally shifted 1 right . No stretch or shrink. Opens down x-axis reflection . Vertically shifted up 3 . CA Sp05 OBrien. 1

Review of Exponential and Logarithmic Expressions and Functions
Monday, November 11 15 / pdf

Transformations can be applied to shift, reflect, or stretch/shrink the function. ... Some exponential expressions can be factored similar to quadratics. Remember ()

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The stretch of a graph. The shrink of a graph . Continuum of Knowledge . In eighth grade students translated between graphic and algebraic representations of linear functions ...

Ocean Township High School
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Unit 5: Quadratics, factoring, solving, real-life applications Integrate quadratic ... Can you graph absolute value functions, shrink, stretch, and translate? Can you ...

Quake Console Commands
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2.3. Variables. Register: A register variable is able to ... enable the player to zoom onto far away objects by shrinking ... Common names such as Ace, Killer, Iceman, and Death ...

Complete, coordinated programs for all Georgia
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vertical stretch or shrink the factor of x 2 in a quadratic ... stretch by a factor of 1 3 Unit 1 Quadratics and complex numbers Lesson 5: Analyzing Quadratics in ...

MATH 110 - College Algebra Online - Transformations
Monday, October 10 16 / pdf

... 0.2 6. () () 2 23 5 fx x = Shrink towards the x -axis 3-R 2-S 1-H 4-V HSRV: 1-H move graph 3 units right 2-S stretch graph away from x -axis 3-R ...

Acquisition Lesson Planning Form
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... vertex form, horizontal shift, vertical shift, reflection, vertical stretch, vertical shrink ... is similar to the method learned in Mathematics I for factoring quadratics of ...

Chapter 2 Student Solution Manual Polynomial, Power, and ...
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Start with, then stretch vertically by 1.5 and rotate across the x -axis. Since =-f(x), fis odd. 39. Start with, then shrink vertically by . Since f(-x)= fis even.
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Dilations either shrink or stretch a function. This indicator assesses recognition of ... Items involving factoring will be restricted to quadratics or the sum and ...

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This may provoke an answer that opens the door to a ... the labia minora, are very sensitive to stretching or ... be visualized if the skin is first soaked for 2-3 ...

Introduction: A Road Well-Traveled
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Hebrews 2:3 How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation; which at the ... RNA could be the answer. What Came Before DNA?, by Carl Zimmer, DISCOVER ...

Subject: Equations Calendar: August/September Timeframe: NA
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Systems of Inequalities Unit 5: Factoring and Quadratics I. Factoring and ... Horizontal Shift c. Stretch or Shrink d. Reflection e. Describing Transformation of ...

Academics, Accountability, Achievement
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... Inverse function Square root function Transformation Vertical shift Stretch, shrink, ... Vertex or Intercept Form 3.4 Solve by factoring 3.5 by factoring 3.6 Solve Quadratics ...

Graphing Quadratic Functions
Monday, December 12 15 / pdf

2003 by Robert H. Prior Graphing Quadratic Functions A. T HE S TANDARD P ARABOLA The graph of a quadratic function is called a parabola . The most basic graph is ...

College Preparatory Mathematics
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AP 93 Quadratics 9 Graphing look for factoring to find roots BP 95 Birthday ... Found the differences including: the direction, the vertex and the stretch.

Foundations for Functions
Friday, July 07 16 / pdf

Review of Quadratics, Parts I and II Explain to the students that they will be ... a (the stretch or shrink factor), h (the horizontal shift) k (the vertical ...

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Robots Learn Quadratics - Video MA-HS-4.1.1. Students will analyze and make ... absolute value, exponential, vertical shift, horizontal shift, stretch, shrink Non ...

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Polymer Science. Program CIP: 15.0607. Ordering Information. Research and Curriculum Unit for Workforce Development . Vocational and Technical Education

Acquisition Lesson Planning Form
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y-intercepts, average rate of change, vertical shift, vertical stretch, vertical shrink ... Briefly talk about average rate of change for quadratics. Contrast with the ...